Tracking Us (via SMSTravelMap)

Sending back our location is proving to be a bit of a dilemma. We could spend hundreds of pounds for a satellite tracking system like the awesome DeLorme inReach Explorer, but we don’t want to blow our budget.

Mobile data is going to be both sketchy and extremely expensive in most of the countries we’re travelling through, so when we stumbled across the awesome SMS Travel Map website (Click Here), it looked to be just what we were looking for. It uses text messages instead of data to update our location on a map, which is considerably cheaper.

There’s another upside – it was created by a fellow Mongol Rallyer, James Stanley, who happens to be based in Bath. He wrote it to track his adventure back in 2014, and has now turned it into a commercial venture. We’re meeting up for a drink – I can’t wait to hear about his experiences! And if you’re ever off on an adventure and want to plot it on a map, check out his tool – it’s brilliant!

There’s an app on my phone which sends back our coordinates to a map which we’ll link to on this site. So hopefully you’ll be able to see exactly where we’ve broken down without breaking the bank!

Here’s the link: Our SMS Travel Map


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