May 13, 2016


I hate asking for money. I much prefer giving.

But we’d love your help.

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We are after 2 things:

– Raising as much money as we possibly can for the awesome charities we’re supporting

– Helping us out with the spiraling cost of the trip.

Things are proving expensive.

Bertha, our titchy little Vauxhall Agila isn’t well, and has just had major heart surgery in the name of a new cylinder head gasket, clutch and timing chains.

However this morning, she was booked in to get her front wheel bearings replaced as they were wining.

I’ve just had a call from the garage – the wheel bearings are fine. The gearbox is knackered.

It’s going to cost £1,000 to source and fit a replacement reconditioned gearbox.

Sadly that’s £1,000 that I don’t have.

I would be so grateful if you could step in and help us with some money to get the new gearbox. Without it, I’ll be waving everyone else off on the 17th July from Goodwood, then going back home to cry.

In exchange, we’d happily put your corporate branding on Bertha. We’d also tweet pictures showing your logo in some awesome places – hopefully a great marketing tool.

Thank you so much for reading this, and if you could help, I’d be so appreciative.

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