“I’m not feeling very well!”

So Bertha’s not very well. Poor girl.

She’d developed a bit of a misfire. Which was nice and easy to fix – a somewhat dubious quality second hand coil pack winged it’s way from eBay.

But she’s now got a bit of a rattle. And that’s proving to be a very expensive rattle.

And that’s because the rattle is coming from her timing chain. She’s got a bit slack in her old age – don’t we all.

The issue is that to fix the rattle, it’s going to cost upwards of £500.

What to do………………..I don’t know.

Bertha and I are going to sleep on it. We may also have a shot of Jägermeister to lessen the pain. Because Jäger is medicinal.

Update 24th February:

I couldn’t stand poor Bertha being in pain. I was tempted to buy her a one way ticket to Switzerland, but there’s been a bit of opposition to that in the press recently.

So, £497.52 later, Bertha has new shiny timing chains and a big grin on her face. Whereas my wallet is now the equivalent of 44 bottles of Jägermeister lighter 🙁

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