Another sponsor, another thank you!

We’re hugely grateful to the fine people at H&B tyres in Frome.



H&B have been providing us with tyres for all our company cars over the last 15 years. They’ve always offered a brilliant service and an awesome price.

I went to see them to chat about my trip, and the sort of tyres we’d need to give us the best chance of tackling the deserts and mountain terrain little Bertha is going to have to endure. We initially talked about getting some reinforced tyres, which have stronger side-walls than standard tyres, so there would be less chance of getting constant punctures. But, Bertha’s wheels are so small that no-one made reinforced tyres for our little chariot.

So for our spares, they recommended “M&S” tyres – not the high street retailer, but Mud & Snow, which have got much better grip, and are slightly more reinforced than standard tyres.

And they gave us our 2 spare tyres for free. And, after all the nightmares we’ve been having with Bertha, restored our faith in humanity at the same time!

Thank you so much Mike & Pete.

If you’re in the Westcountry and looking for tyres, these guys can’t come more highly recommended. Their website is here, and they take online orders.


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