Another sponsor, another thank you!

We’re hugely grateful to the fine people at H&B tyres in Frome.   H&B have been providing us with tyres for all our company cars over the last 15 years. They’ve always offered a brilliant service and an awesome price. I went to see them to chat about my trip, and the sort of tyres we’d need to give us the best chance of tackling the deserts and mountain terrain little Bertha is going to[…]


Counting down to the start…

Less than 3 weeks to go till we arrive at Goodwood for the leaving party. Apprehensive – yes, but still hugely excited. A lot has happened since the last blog post. The paperwork marathon is nearly over. The Persian Gates are open to us. But not before the nerves were truly tested. To get an Iranian visa stamp in our passport, there were a number of hurdles we had to jump through. I needed to[…]