We’ve hit our fundraising target!

As I’ve mentioned previously, The Matthew Elvidge Trust is a charity close to my heart, and the work they do to help raise awareness of depression, and reduce the stigma associated with depression is fantastic. I know – depression knocks you for six – I spent months on end back in 2012 unable to do anything, including sleep, and “coming out” that I had depression was still one of the hardest things I’ve had to[…]


Tajikistan Visa

I was amazed. After hearing horror stories from some teams trying to get a copy of their Uzbekistan visas, and the hoops they needed to fly through to get Letter of Invitations, my Uzbek visa stamp is all now sorted. I just need to make sure I don’t lose my passport. Like I’d ever do that. Oh yes – I’ve done that 3 times – oops! So following on the success of my Uzbek visa, I’ve now[…]


Let The Visa Paperwork Begin!

Visa Number 1: Uzbekistan! Photocopying every page of my passport was somewhat time consuming! Into the post it goes tomorrow – fingers crossed all goes smoothly! We’re applying for the Uzbekistan visa early, as we need this one to apply for our Turkmenistan transit visa, to show proof of our onward travel. Total cost of the Visa: £78


“I’m not feeling very well!”

So Bertha’s not very well. Poor girl. She’d developed a bit of a misfire. Which was nice and easy to fix – a somewhat dubious quality second hand coil pack winged it’s way from eBay. But she’s now got a bit of a rattle. And that’s proving to be a very expensive rattle. And that’s because the rattle is coming from her timing chain. She’s got a bit slack in her old age – don’t[…]